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2017 Annual NJLM Conference - Realizing tomorrow's potential

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June 1, 2017

The League's 102nd Annual Conference is scheduled for November 14, 15, and 16 in Atlantic City. Information and updates are posted on  The Conference will be headquartered in the Atlantic City Convention Center.  Housing of our delegates will be citywide as noted on the reservation form. All housing reservations are processed by A.C. Central Reservations, Inc. Reservations may be made by mail, by fax or on-line.  See the form for instructions.

NEW INFORMATION: The list of hotels has changed slightly. Be sure to check your preference is still on the list. Also, the conference schedule has changed slightly with the business meeting now on Thursday afternoon.

In most municipalities, the municipal clerk coordinates all reservations for all officials in the community and attaches a list of room reservation requests on one housing form. If your officials handle their own reservations, you may photocopy the form and distribute it as well as downloading it.

CANCELLATION DEADLINE: See Cancellation Dates on Housing Map with Rates on back of Universal Attendee Housing Form.

TAXES/FEES: The only way to avoid paying the Atlantic City Luxury Tax is to pay hotel bills by municipal voucher. To avoid paying sales tax, your tax exempt identification number must be provided.

There are also various other room taxes and fees noted on the enclosed policy and procedure. Please pay careful attention to these since they will be added to your hotel bill.
Purchase Orders: Forward the purchase order/voucher to the hotel immediately after receiving your hotel assignment.  Do not forward vouchers to the League office or A.C. Central Reservations as they will be returned to you.

Payment Deadline: Payments must be made to the hotel no later than October 13.  Note: Open your spam filters to allow acknowledgements from



CANCELLATION DEADLINE: See Cancellation Dates on Housing Map with Rates on back of the Universal Attendee Housing Form. In cases where the municipality pays for reservations, the municipality will incur this charge for late cancellations.

This is an important procedure designed to reduce the occurrence of double booked rooms and no-show reservations. In recent years, the great number of unnecessary and unused room reservations has caused a false housing shortage during the League Conference. This false shortage has prevented many officials from getting their preferred hotels.

A.C. Central Reservations, Inc., will issue an acknowledgement number that acts as your reservation confirmation. This number will be sent to you either by email, fax, or regular mail, depending on the method that works best for you. When you get your acknowledgement number do not call the hotel. Most hotels no longer mail confirmations and the hotels’ reservation systems will not register your information. Your inquiry to them will cause confusion. Your acknowledgement number is your assurance of a room reservation.  Important Note: Open your spam filters to allow acknowledgements from

Problems arise when people make reservations for more rooms than they need, or cancel room reservations, or don’t show up for their reservations.  Thousands of no-shows and cancellations cause the hotels to reduce the number of rooms they make available to the League. That, in turn, means it becomes more difficult for everyone to get reservations in the hotels of their choice.


  • State Room Tax: All Atlantic City hotels State Room Tax is 13.875% which is exempt only by voucher.

When reserving a hotel room with a municipal voucher, guests will still be responsible for paying the following fees where applicable:

  • Parking Fee: Varies by hotel but should stay constant during the show dates. Most properties are at $5 per night, with Sheraton at $15 self/$25 (plus tax) valet. Tropicana are at $10.
  • Phone Fee for use of the room phone: Varies but normally is $.50 per local or 800 call. Tropicana is the only hotel that has an automatic $1 per day fee which covers unlimited local and 800 calls and is included in their Occupancy Fee.
  • State Occupancy Fee: Casinos are $5 nightly; Non-casinos are $1 nightly. These fees are not exempt regardless if you use a voucher or credit card. The State permits hotels to increase this fee and retain the overage.
  • Must present a credit card at check-in even if you are paying by voucher. All hotels require credit or debit card presentation at check in.  That card is run for a $100 incidental deposit (room service, phone, parking, etc.) any amount not used is credited back to the card at check out.  Borgata’s deposit is $150. Tropicana’s incidental deposit is $50 per day.
  • Tropicana will not guarantee your room if arrival is after 10:00 p.m.  If you are expected to arrive after that, please contact the hotel and make them aware of your arrival time. For other hotels, please call if your arrival will be after midnight.


            1.  Make sure the people you are reserving rooms for will show up. Check with people for whom you are making reservations to be certain they are not getting reservations through another method, such as their professional association.

            2.  Don’t overbook the number of rooms you need and don’t make duplicate reservations at several hotels.

These practices create false room shortages which means, your colleague’s are needlessly unable to get the hotels they desire.

Deadlines: October 6 is the cut-off date to make reservations using the Universal Attendee Housing Form. October 13 is the last date to book housing online. See Cancellation Dates on the back of the Universal Attendee Housing Form. No refunds will be granted after these dates.

PURCHASE ORDER/VOUCHERS: Do not send purchase order/voucher to A.C. Central Reservations or the League office as they will be returned to you. Forward the purchase order/voucher to the hotel immediately after receiving your hotel assignment. Payments must be made to the hotel no later than October 6. Important Note: Open your spam filters to allow acknowledgements from

The best and quickest way of getting your reservation processed is by giving a credit card authorization, which you then can follow up with a completed purchase order or voucher once you receive notification from A.C. Central confirming the hotel in which you were placed.

Once all of the rooms being held for the League are booked, A.C. Central Reservations contacts other hotels so they can confirm a reservation for you.  Keep in mind, although the hotels can have 1,000 or more total rooms, only a fraction of those will be set aside for the League. The League’s block of rooms is adversely affected by overbooking so, even though you reserve early, it is possible your choice of hotels may be out of rooms. That said, early reservations are still your best method of getting one of your hotel choices.

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