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Twelfth Annual New Jersey Mayors’ Legislative Priority Survey 2010


The League’s Legislative Action Team is your link to policy makers in our State Capital. As your municipality’s primary policy decision maker, your opinion on these matters is crucial to our efforts to accurately reflect municipal thinking. Your responses will guide our efforts over the next twelve months.

Please identify the response that reflects your opinion on the following questions


1.    CY 2011/FY  2012 Municipal Budget
The upcoming municipal budget will be the first budget implementing the 2% cap.  What action(s) will you likely take to meet the 2% cap.
(Check all that apply)

2.    Municipal Website

a. Does your municipality have an official website? 

b. If yes, does your municipality post the:

Current Year Budget 

Public Notices 

Minutes of the governing body 

Agendas of the governing body 

c.  If yes, does your municipality manage the site with  

3.    Constitutional Convention
Would you support a constitutional convention exclusive to property tax reform? 

4.    Clean Energy
There is a trend towards renewable energy and “Going Green” to improve energy efficiency and reduce cost.

a. Has your municipality implemented any “green” technology?  

b. If yes, please list which technologies you have implemented: 

5.    Municipal Consolidation and Shared Services
Please rank the following obstacles to entering into a shared service or consolidation of service with a neighboring community?
(Ranking 1-7, with 1 as the most difficult and 7 the least)

Savings not immediately realized   
State laws and/or regulations 
Cost related to feasibility study 
 Implementation cost 
Local politics 

6.    Longevity
Does your municipality provide longevity to:

a.         PERS employees 

b.         If yes, is the longevity based on   

c.         PFRS employees  N/A

d.         If yes, is the longevity based on 


7.    Health Benefit Cost
Health care costs continue to raise and is a contributing factor towards high personnel cost.  Do you require your municipal employees to contribute more than 1.5% of their base salary towards their health benefit premiums?


8.    Housing Question
The recent Appellate Division decision struck down the 3rd round regulations, and ordered COAH to revert back to its 2nd round methodology.    If COAH is not abolished via legislation, which would you prefer:


9.    Local Budget Stressors
Please rank the following municipal budget stressors, based on their impact on your ability to deliver high quality essential services, with “1” being the most significant problem and “9” being the least significant problem.

State under-funding of revenue replacement programs (CMPTRA and Energy Tax) 
Assessment Appeals
Collection Rate and Reserve for Uncollected Taxes 
State Mandates
Utility Costs 
Health Benefit Costs
State Pension System Costs 
Employee Salaries and Wages 
Other (Please specify below)
Other comment

10.    EMS
How do you deliver emergency medical services (EMS) in your community? (Check all that apply).



11.    Property Tax Relief
Please rank the following impediments to addressing property tax relief, with “1” being the most significant and “5” being the least.

The current recessionary economy
 Inability of Governor and State Legislature to reach a political consensus 
Too many local governments 
Political strength of special interests and unions
Other (please specify)  

12.    Public Safety

a. Have you implemented any programs to replace the need for police and fire personnel, such as the use of parking enforcement officers?

b. If yes, please describe these programs:


The following information is required to ensure we only have one survey response per municipality.

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Thank You





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