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Excitement Is In The Air As
The 96th Annual Conference Approaches

In less than a week, thousands of delegates will have the opportunity to attend over 100 educational sessions and workshops. Sessions on topics dealing with the land use, budgets, property taxes, pensions and health benefits reform, affordable housing and many more are certain to hold special importance to you and your communities.

Remember to visit the Mayors Information Center located at the front of 2500 aisle, in the Exhibit Hall. It is your privately designated area that provides a respite during the hectic pace of Conference week.  Again internet access will be available in the Mayor’s Center.  For your convenience, this lounge setting can easily accommodate brief meetings or television interviews.


Are available in the Mayors Center as well the League Information Booth near top of second floor escalator in registration area.


Additional copies of this survey are available at the Mayors Center or League Information Booth.  You may also complete the Mayor’s Survey online at

  • Information generated by the Legislative Department
  • Samples of our latest publications
  • Daily newspapers

  • Daily highlights of conference session and events





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