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February 4, 2011                               
Re: A-3766 “Market Competition and Consumer Choice Act” amended

Dear Mayor

Yesterday afternoon, the Assembly Regulatory Oversight and Gaming committee amended A-3766 to address all the League’s concerns and voted the bill out of committee.  This bill to deregulate the phone and cable industry caused concern because in its original form it eliminated requirements for PEG access stations, eliminated Internet and video drops at municipal buildings, and modified certain franchise fees.  See the letter of January 31 for details on the concerns.

The prime sponsor Assembly Majority Leader Joe Cryan district 20 and co-prime sponsor Assemblyman Jon Bramnick District 21, worked diligently during the meeting to craft amendments to address municipal concerns and we thank them for that. 

Both bill S-2664 and A-3766 now await floor votes in their respective houses.

Our thanks also goes to the mayors and council members who took time to come to Trenton and testify, including: League Telecommunications Chairman Mayor Wahler, Piscataway; League Executive Board Member Mayor Healy, Jersey City; Mayor Ricigliano, Edison; Councilman Lewis, Montclair; Councilwoman Crump, Newark; and League Assistant Executive Director Michael Darcy.  Their personal appeals made a strong impression on the committee.

The League also thanks the Jersey Access Group and the access station managers who made an overwhelming effort to attend the committee hearing and reinforce the need for amending the bill.

The League will keep you informed as this legislation progresses.  If you have questions on this, contact Michael Darcy, assistant executive director or 609-695-3481 ext. 116.

Very truly yours,


William G. Dressel, Jr.
Executive Director



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